Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Things I Love

Hey Beauties

I hope you have been enjoying the gorgeous weather the past few days? It's here until at least Sunday so make sure you keep sun cream and water in your bag when out and about! 

I thought I would do a Things I Love post today. 

1. I love reading sat by a window whilst its raining outside. 

2. I love when my nephew picks me a daisy and hands it over with the biggest smile and tells me he loves me. 

3. I love Ryan Reynolds :)

4. A 99 ice cream on a hot Summer day

5. I love how my dog puts his paws around my neck for a cuddle at least 5 times a day. 

6. I love Art and Crafts

7. I love having a huge family and all getting together for celebrations. Noisy but fun! 

8. I love Autumn - walks, hats, scarfs and gloves, halloween, bonfires...

9. I love shopping.

10. I love watching girly films on a Sunday afternoon - you've got mail, sleepless in Seattle, while you were sleeping, pretty woman and loads more. 

11. I love sleeping!

12. I love pub quizzes but haven't been in so long. 

13. I love that my husband would do anything for me and makes me feel like the only important person in the world. 

14. I love catching up with friends after months of being too busy and laughing so much it hurts. 

15. I love life. 

16. I love Angel Cake

17. I love Lindsey Kelks I Heart Series- please make more :)

18. I love Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume. 

19. I love Cherry Drops, remember them?

20. I love posts like these as I am nosy but also like to know more about people. 

Sarah xo

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Haul Mac, Illamasqua, eBay...

I hope you are having a good week so far? 

I did a few what I call "mini hauls" which are from one shop where I only bought a few things at the start of summer. I didn't have much time the past few months and my posting was few and far between and posts like these helped me to post something without taking too much time :) 

Today I have another mini haul but with a few shops I bought from. 
I love Haul posts and usually end up with a shopping list by the end of reading/watching a few :)

I won't go into detail on here because I plan to review a few of the items soon.

My first picture is my order from Illamasqua 

I chose two cream blushes, pink raindrops and aurora gleam. I have high hopes for these beauties! 


Rimmel Salon Pro x 2 and Kate x1
Plus revlon Nail art duos. 


This Multi-colour skull bracelet was only 99p with free delivery!! 


99p - cheap and very cute! 


£10 in the sale - this is a loose fit long vest and I wish I got the size down because it really is loose fit. The peace sign is two tone and looks gorgeous when the light hits it. 

Bank skull prong socks £3 I think. Love these! 

Makeup Bag £7. I bought this to keep all of my samples sachets in. 


I bought these from ebay too. Sadly one was missing the drop crystal. They were 99p and the seller refunded me. I plan to remove the drop crystal from the other and wear them like that rather than bin them. 


NW20 Studio Fix Fluid and a Small Fix + Fluid. Sadly the foundation wasn't like it was when I used to use it a couple of years ago so I ended up selling it. 

That's my lot for today :) I'm off to do some decorating now, boo!!  Have a great day. 

Sarah xo

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Soap and Glory - The Scrub of your Life Review

Hey Beauties

I hope you are well? 
I have a review for you today.

In March I was browsing in boots, hoping to find a body scrub product perfect for getting my skin ready for Summer. 
I looked through the various products from Soap and Glory and decided to give The Scrub of your Life a go. 
It's a pink tube with a flip lid, that you squeeze to get the product out. I prefer products in packaging like this because I find it very difficult to unscrew a lid on a pot or bottle when I'm in the shower with wet hands! I usually end up dropping it once its undone and losing some of the product or dropping it a few times trying to undo it and giving up!
Tubes work much better and I also find you don't waste product. 

It's like a paste with pink beads in to scrub away the dead skin, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin. It also claims to be very good for dry knees and elbows and I have to say, i have noticed an improvement with my elbows (I get dry skin and a rash from some washing powders, change in seasons etc... Which, is always worse in the Summer). Touch wood but so far since using this I haven't had my usual flare up. 
It also has that lovely slightly similar scent to Coco Mademoiselle perfume making it a perfect product for me. 
I use this 2/3 times a week if I fake tan or 1/2 normally. 
It costs £7 for 200ml in Boots but is always on a 3 for 2 deal :) 

Do you use Soap and Glory products?

Sarah xo