Friday, 28 June 2013

Love From Misbehave Review

Hi Beauties

About two months ago I found Allie from Love From Misbehave on twitter and checked out her online shop. I was amazed at how many cool, pretty, cute and bang on trend items there was to choose from. 
She sells Jewellery and Tee Shirts. The Tee shirts I haven't bought one of yet but they are really cool with logos inspired by famous brands/quotes/phrases etc... Definitely worth a look if you fancy something different and well, awesome! 

The jewellery is amazing. I have ordered a few times now and have always been pleased with the service/communication and quick delivery. 

Allie also uses her Instagram and twitter to chat and tweet as well as showing pictures of new stock and favourite items in "real life" so you can see how big and fabulous they are. 

My latest order was a beautiful necklace called The Fish Necklace £4 and Champagne Breakout Earrings £3.

I was so excited to receive these and I wasn't wrong about The Fish Necklace being beautiful! It is stunning, I'm so glad I picked it. It looks pretty on the picture but up close its even better. 

It has a pearl gem stone in the head and sparkle on some of the bones, with a long gold chain. I already know this will be my most worn necklace this summer. 

The earrings, are just over an inch long and have pretty champagne rhinestones inside that have a slight pinky tint to them when they catch the light. Very pretty! 

If you haven't checked out yet I highly recommend you do! 

Sarah xo

Monday, 24 June 2013

Haul - Bomb Cosmetics

Hi Beauties

How are you? The Sun is back, yay!!, I hope I haven't just jinx it and it now rains for the rest of the week! 

Last week I placed an order with Bomb Cosmetics. I saw a tweet from their twitter account saying their free gift deal had one day left and as I had been eyeing up a lot of pretty things I thought I would take advantage of a great deal. 
You had to spend £30 to get a free gift which, I knew I would reach because of all the products I wanted. 

I ordered 8 bath blasters, 1 massage bar and a Tea Cup Candle. 

It arrived in a fairly big pink box with bomb cosmetics printed on the top so I was very happy to see my postman that morning. I just hope he realised it was the delivery that made me grin from ear to ear and not him! ;)

When I opened the box, a beautiful fruity smell and rainbow coloured loose fill greeted me. Very pretty indeed, and I don't know why but I did a little dance and clapped with glee like a little girl at Christmas, when she opens up her first dress up set! I guess it's because everywhere else uses black shredded paper or bubble wrap with the occasional coloured tissue paper? 

My Bomb Cosmetics Parcel.
A Rainbow Surprise!
Anyway, all items arrived intact, the blasters are bigger than I thought which, is even better and the Teacup Candle is too cute and smells delicious. It will sit pretty in my kitchen! I went with the Raspberry Leaf Herbal. It has a tiny heart on the edge of the candle, sat in a White Teacup and Saucer. 
The massage bar I am looking forward to using! It melts to body temperature so you can rub the oils into your body to help with aching muscles and it contains cocoa butter and eucalyptus to soften skin. Sounds heavenly! 

I'm sure you know what the bath blasters are for? 
 What I Bought       
           Close up
    Free Gift
    Inside the free gift box

      Under the top layer
       Close up of free gift box contents.

As you can see the free gift alone is amazing!! Two soaps, two large blasters and a small blaster.
I am really looking forward to using everything and will be posting a review of each item as I use them.
Sarah xo 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

1D - One Direction- Harry Styles Nail Art

One Direction Nail Art - Harry Styles!!
Hey Beauties
As you know I am addicted to nail polish and I love playing around and trying out nail art designs. 
Last night I couldn't sleep because it was so warm and so I decided to get some inspiration for new designs. 
There is so much that inspires me but I thought I would start with a music inspired mani. 

I'm not a fan of one direction as such, I will sing along too their songs and love how much success they have after The X Factor. It's great that a British band is loved worldwide! 

As Harry Styles is so popular I thought I would give him a go ;) 
I didn't want him on every nail, I thought it would look much better with one of him and a few little hearts, kisses etc...

I haven't tidied the edges up yet as I'm scared of smudging Harry! 

I'm very pleased with how it turned out, first time no fixing or starting over! 

If you want to have a go this is what you will need.

                                                                   Products Used. 
Fine Detail Nail Art Brush (available in a set of nail art brushes from ebay prices from 99p from China up to £3 UK sellers)

White (BarryM White) - For Painting two coats on each finger. 
Red Ciate Mistress) - For using with the fine detail nail art brush to paint on The 1D, lips and heart. 
Black (MeMeMe) - For the lovely Harry Styles (start with a circle of pink/peach polish for his face) & To write his name. 
Brown (Nails Inc) - For Harry's Hair
Red Glitter (BarryM Red Glitter)- Layer over the heart. 
Clear top coat to finish, I used Boots 17.

When drawing harry you need to dab on a circle of a flesh tone polish for his face, then outline with the black polish and nail art brush. Add the mouth, eyes, eyebrows and nose. Draw in the outline of his hair and jacket(almost a diamond shape). Fill in his jacket and draw a skinny tie in the middle. Using a tiny bit of brown polish full in his hair. 
Leave then to dry for at least 3 minutes before adding the topcoat. 

Are you a One Direction fan? What do you think of my nail art? Let me know in the comments :)
Sarah xo

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Best Hair Conditioner Ever! - John Frieda Liquid Shine Illuminating Conditioner

Hey Beauties

I have been using this conditioner for about a month now. I LOVE it!! Not only does it smell really, really good but it leaves my hair feeling so soft and smooth. I have really noticed a difference in my hair since using it. 
My hair has a slight wave too it and can feel quite dry sometimes. I think from too much hair dye and the use of hair dryers/straighteners/curlers etc... 
I am always after a conditioner that leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth with a healthy looking shine. This ticks all the boxes for me. It says to use after using the shampoo that goes with this range but I am currently finishing up a different shampoo. You apply like a normal conditioner and fully rinse out. 
Sorry for the bad picture, it was hard to take a good one because the packaging reflects the light.

Description on the back of product:
"Illuminating formula with a shine-infusing complex and moisturisers rehydrate as it showers hair in pure radiance for a long lasting, high-gloss brunette. Non-Colour depositing"
My hair feel amazing using this conditioner, I will definitely re-purchase when this runs out.

It comes in a 250ml tube and costs around £5, you can usually pick up 3 for 2 on John Frieda in boots or sometimes 3 for £10. 
Sarah xo

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

MUA Runway Pout Paints

Hey Beauties

What a beautiful day it was today! i hope you have had a great day and got to enjoy some of it? I find I get more done when the weather is sunny and hot! Sunshine always makes the day so much better :) 

I have been wearing a pout paint from MUA everyday for about a week now, I love it so much. 
I chose Runway because I loved the look of the packaging colour. I like a red lip, orange/peach lips and even more so if its a red with a slightly orange tint to it. When I applied it, it sadly wasn't quite what I thought it would be but I love the colour all the same. Its more of a cherry colour and reminds me of the BarryM lip crayon in cherry but without the sparkle(a fave of mine). 


It feels so smooth on and really moisturising which is important because there is nothing worse than having the moisture sucked from your lips (sounds a bit rude 🙊) by a product. The product applies like lipstick and lasted a couple of hours before leaving a tint/stain that was quite pretty and still felt moisturised hours later. I have never liked the feel when using lip stains because they are so drying and I just don't think it looks good. These pout paints are so much better! Its like two looks from one application (if you don't do a touch up) :) 

These are £3 each, available from Superdrug in store and online and MUA. 

Sarah xo

Ombré Nails - Blues/Greens - Primark Nail Polish

Hey Beauties. 

I hope you are well? Thank god its half way through the week and the weekend is only two days away! I haven't had the greatest week so far and I'm really looking forward to relaxing at the weekend :)
I recently picked up a nail polish set from Primark. It was £2 for four polishes, you get a royal blue, powder blue, Aqua and a blue glitter. Too be honest I wasn't expecting much from them because of how cheap they are but was pleasantly surprised. The brush is good but could be a little bit wider and the polish itself is pretty decent. It applied well, no streaks and only needs two coats. 

I decided to try an ombré look using all three colours and a bit of the glitter over the top to finish. 
For my first attempt I don't think I did too badly. 

I used a makeup sponge to apply the two colours after painting each nail once to start with. 

I really like them and think I will try an ombré look with some pinks and peaches n the near future :) 
Sarah xo

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mini Haul, Primark and Superdrug

Hey Beauties

I trust you are all well and enjoying this lovely weather we have been having? I had to go to the dentist on Monday for a filling, boo!! and went shopping after to cheer myself up yay!! :) 
I didn't do much shopping as it was late afternoon by the time I got there but did get a few things and thought I would share them with you. 
Monday was a really beautiful day, the sun was shinning and it really makes a difference to people's attitudes. Everyone, well almost everyone smiles for a start! I grabbed myself an iced tea and headed straight for Primark.
My local is not that big, there isn't really much to get excited about and i actually prefer to go to a bigger store about 20+ miles away for a proper shop, where I tend to go a bit cray cray. Anyway, I did pick up a lovely boxy jumper with stripes and a studded neck line for £9. The material is kind of stretchy feeling and its slouchy when on. The sleeve is 3/4 and it feels so comfortable and cool to wear, I love it! Have I ever told you I have a love affair with studs? I make a bee line for anything if I spot a stud from a distance! I also picked up a pair of £1 wayfarer style sunglasses in black and a set of 4 blue nail polishes for £2. I love primark, i love that you can walk out with sunglasses, a jumper and four nail polishes for just over a tenner! 

Next I went to Superdrug because I had seen a few mentions on twitter that MUA had released some new Blush Shades. Whilst I was in there I picked up about 9 or 10 new shape nail polishes and four of the new colour blushes. I also picked up boring everyday things like cotton pads and shower gel. 

I also went into pound land for a nose around a bought a box of nail charms which I didn't take a picture of because I'm forgetful like that!! 

I love quick little shopping trips where you spend less than £30 and come home with lots of new things to try. 

Sarah xo