Monday, 29 April 2013

Simple Shabby Chic Nail Art Tutorial

Hi Beauties
How was your weekend? Mine was lazy mornings, seeing family, going out for dinner and just enjoying the slightly better weather we have been having.

 This is an old nail art look that i did about a year ago. It has always been my favourite out of all the designs i have done. Its very simple to do and only needs a few items to do it.
I used a Pale Pink, a White and a Gold Glitter Polish and to draw on each nail i used a striping brush. Any brand polish and brushes are fine. You will also need a clear top coat to finish and protect your nail art.
First of all apply a coat of a pale pink almost nude colour to each nail. You don't want too strong a colour because its a very simply , chic look and  a Strong colour would over power it (my opinion obviously).
Once that has been on for a couple of minutes, start on your little finger with a fine slightly stiff striping brush(it needs to be stiff because the softer ones can flick up when you apply a little pressure and ruin your lines) using the white polish.
For the little finger, I started at the tip of my nail a 1/4 in and curved up too the top to start a feather, then i drew short lines curving out from the original line to give the feathered look.
For the second nail, I carefully drew a heart,
For the third - the dove, I started from the side drawing the curve of the belly up to the little beak, curved up and across a little for the head then down into a curve and up and across to join the tail. The next finger is a bow, if you cant do a bow neatly with the brush, draw a figure of 8 sideways and two lines from the middle of the 8 down, curving out at the bottom.
Next for the thumb is a birdcage. From the middle of the nail draw a line straight down, then from the top centre draw a slightly curved line to each side of the nail and down to the bottom. Then from the top centre between the middle lines and the outer lines draw a slightly curved line on each side. Finish with two lines across the nail and a circle for the handle at the top. Once you have completed all the steps, get your gold glitter polish and add a bit to make it sparkle and pop. Finish with top coat.
I hope that makes sense and you give it a try. It really is easy and looks so pretty when its finished!
Sarah xx

Friday, 26 April 2013

BarryM Nail Series - Gelly Hi-Shine - Plum Nail Paint

Hi Beauties,
Its the freakin weekend baby! The sun is also shining where I am, lets hope it lasts for the weekend!
Todays Product is BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in GNP1 Plum 308
This is a gorgeous colour, I cannot make up my mind if it looks Purple or Navy Blue? Either way its a stunner and as with all of the Gelly range, its very shiney and hard wearing. Depending how thick you apply this is opaque in 1/2 coats and dries fairly quickly.
I have recently picked up the new BarryM nail art pens and I'm dying to try them out but I also love my plum mani too much to draw all over or remove.
Its my Nieces 5th Birthday Party tomorrow, Princess themed so I think i might remove it tonight and do a princess themed look to impress her with :) She loves my nail art and i know that when I go to see her, if i have nail art on my nails I have to take the supplies and polish with me because she will want her nails done too. I will add a pic of the adorable pudsy nails I did for her for last years children in need.
Anyway, I love the Gelly Range and highly recommend them. They cost £3.99 each but Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 on BarryM so you should stock up now :)
Do you own any of the Gelly range and if so, whats your favourite colour?
Sarah xx

Monday, 22 April 2013

BarryM Nailart Pens Giveaway <--- now closed :)

Hi Beauties.

Hope you are well and enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend?

As a huge lover of Nail Polish and Nail Art, BarryM releasing their own Nail Art Pens is very exciting for me :)

I decided whilst buying myself some that i would buy an extra two so I could do a giveaway.

I chose the Black and White. To be in with a chance of winning them you just need to follow. I will pick a winner on 22 May 2013. It's open worldwide.

Good Luck :)

Sarah xx

(**Picture taken from Google, not my own**)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

MeMeMe Black Nail Polish (56 Fearless) with Stud Nail Art

Hi Beauties!

How are you? The weather has been lovely the past couple of days, certainly helps me get out of bed in the morning!

I haven't been blogging much lately because of being busy and some personal things going on with my Mum. I do try to post at least once each week and hopefully when i get a day spare i can write and schedule some posts for the next couple of weeks.

Today's Product is a Black MeMeMe Nail Polish called 56 Fearless

Not much I can say about how it looks as it is just Black but it does apply easily and has a great shine too it and doesn't chip! What more could you want?

As you will see from my pics, I used it to paint all of my Nails with two coats and then applied Gold Balls too create a studded effect with a cross on one nail. I have a bit of an obsession with Studs and spikes so incorporating it into my mani last week was a no brainer for me! I LOVE the finished look and have had so many shop assistants, friends and family asking where I had it done and what was used. They were shocked when I told them I did it myself. I will be doing a mini review of the gold balls and where to buy etc... In a separate post.

I bought this Polish in the MeMeMe Buy Byes(or Bye Buys? ) Sale a couple of months ago so it is no longer available online or in Superdrug.
Good news though, I bought a couple of red MeMeMe polishes from my local Poundworld at the weekend, they also had the Black and various other colours too. So look out for them next time you are in one! (They have Sleek Lipsticks too)

Do you like to get creative with your nails or prefer a plain mani?

Sarah xx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Gifts and Pieces Review

Hi Lovelies

I recently bought a couple of items from Gifts and Pieces 

This is an online shop owned by the lovely Abby from the blog un-observed

The products she sells are all beautiful, cute and stylish pieces for the home, with a few Jewellery items and craft type classes on offer too.

I bought the Little Things wooden box and a House Tea-light Holder. Communication is very good, I received an email to confirm my order, one for processing and one to say it had shipped. It arrived a couple of days later, very well packaged and with tissue paper which, I love because I think its more professional when effort has been made to wrap your items with care(its the little things that make me smile). A free little heart shaped bath bomb was included which made my package smell beautiful and is now sat in a vase in my office giving off a fresh and pretty scent whenever I walk past!

My friends are all crazy about the little House Tealight Holder and pick it up and stroke it like its a cute puppy :) I'm not sure if its sill available.

So if you want something a bit different, chic or pretty for the home at reasonable prices and packaged with care, I recommend checking out this online shop. Abby also has a shop selling these items too if you live in the Midlands area.
Sarah xx

Monday, 8 April 2013

BarryM Series - Textured Nail Paint - Ridley Road

Hi Lovelies.

I trust you are well? Finally we have had a bit if sunshine and warmth, after a very cold first 1/4 of the year.

Today's BarryM product is a Green Textured Nail Paint called Ridley Road TNP 4 - 304

This is my favourite of the Textured range. It's a gorgeous pastel green and it reminds me of the bobbly football, spearmint flavoured chewing gum from my childhood. Do you remember them?

This needs two coats for a good application, it dries very quickly and once you get used to the feel, its a gorgeous manicure.

After the Shatter Polishes, Croc, Magnetic, chameleon and now these, I wonder what's next? It seems to be very popular to have some sort of effect or texture on your nails, with most brands releasing something different and new to try each season.

Have you tried these yet?

Sarah xx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Etude House-Ice Cream Nails-Strawberry Stars Candy Nail Polish

Hi Lovelies

How is your week going? We're half way to the weekend :)
I recently bought a very cute Nail polish on eBay, I'm not going to lie the bottle was the reason I wanted it, and my love of Pink is the reason I chose the Strawberry Stars Candy!
I was like a kid at Christmas when it arrived( very quickly from South Korea might i add) and applied a coat straight away. Luckily my impulse buy was a good one, this is amazing. The quality is good, it dries quickly and isn't runny or too thick. I did find it hard to get an even coat of glitter but the colour is gorgeous so i wasn't too fussed.

The packaging as you will see from the pics, is an Ice Cream Cone, too cute right?
It was also a bargain at £3.10 with free postage from South Korea. It arrived just under two weeks after i paid with a couple of face product samples.

You can find it here 
Have you tried any of the Etude House products?
Sarah xx

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

MUA Undress Me Too Palette Giveaway Winner

Hi Lovelies

As promised, I am giving away a Palette for Easter, as a thank you to my lovely followers. It has now closed and my winner has been picked.

The winner is Lauren of FashionSwirls blog, congratulations! please reply to my email when you get 5 minutes free :)
Thank you to all my followers i wish i could of picked you all but my bank balance wouldn't of liked it :)
  Sarah xx

BarryM Series - BarryM Gelly Hi Shine Greenberry

Hi Lovelies
I hope you have had a great Easter Bank Holiday and over indulged on Easter Eggs!
Todays post is another gorgeous BarryM Nail Polish, this one is part of the Gelly Hi Shine collection. Not only is the colour a gorgeous Turquoise with a very shiney finish but its colourful and bright, making it a perfect Spring/Summer Mani!
This took two coats to get a perfect finish, didn't streak and dried quickly. I havent used a Top Coat and 4 days later I have no chipping, thats right NO chipping after 4 days! I am so glad I picked up this colour, I know it will be a popular choice for me this coming Summer.
You can buy from the BarryM website and Boots and Superdrug Stores and their websites.
Sarah xx

Photo of my Nails 4 days after applying WITHOUT Top Coat!