Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Favourites

Hi Lovelies,

Here are some of the products I have loved this Month. A few are items I regularly use from my make up bag and others that I have discovered in the past few weeks.

The BarryM Lip Lacquer Pencil in Cherry Red- A favourite of mine for evenings and weekends.
Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in Darling- recently discovered and I have worn it a lot this past 10 days or so.
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Ivory- I have nearly finished this and will definitely buy again.
Boujois Volumizer Mascara in Black- I like this a lot. I use No 1 in the day and a coat of the 2nd brush for evenings.
MUA Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 13(it's a dark purple but shows up a charcoal colour on the picture)
Wellaflex Silvikrin Hairspray- A handbag must have!
Sally Hansen Gem Crush Bling-Tastic - My favourite glitter varnish ever!
Sleek Glo Bronze Baby- I always get asked what I'm wearing when I use this to highlight and bronze.

I'm not really a big fan of bronzer but I find the Sleek Glo gives a lovely natural Glow that I can also build for more of a bronze look should I ever feel like a bit of colour.

I'm now off to read all the January Fav posts on my Dashboard and watch a few Videos :)

Sarah xx

Mac Lipstick Giveaway-50 Follower Give Away-Help Me Get There!

Hi Lovelies,
Mac Lipstick Giveaway
I am hoping to reach 50 Followers as my first Follower Milestone. Once I get there I will giveaway a Mac Lipstick of your choice(winner can choose on the Mac Website so we know its in stock!). Russian Red is my favourite Mac Lipstick at the moment! Its beautiful Matte Red and I love wearing it with a light dusting if blush, mascara and winged eyeliner!
 This is open Worldwide. So please share with your followers and friends via blogs, facebook and twitter etc.... To be in with a chance of winning you must follow this blog and If you are under 16 and are chosen you will need permission from your parents. Any questions just comment below :)
Sarah xx

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

NOTD-China Glaze Jet Stream Nail Lacquer

Hi Lovelies

My NOTD is China Glaze Jet Stream, its a gorgeous dusty pink with a slight shimmer to it. It applied beautiful and was touch dry in a couple of minutes. A perfect colour for Valentines manicures :)

I bought it from the Beauty Chamber Sale. They are an online Cosmetics retailer.

What is your favourite Pink Polish?

Sarah xx

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mini Haul

Hi Lovelies
Today I have a mini haul for you. I thought I would do a haul a week from now on :)
I have products from Avon, MUA and I ordered a few things from the Beauty chamber sale(I was very pleased with how quickly the Beauty Chamber order arrived)
What I got:
Avon- Advance Techniques 360 nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner around £4 for both. i have heard mostly good reviews about this range so when I was browsing through their book I decided to give it a go. I'm looking forward to trying it once my current Shampoo runs out.
The Pretty Pastels palette from MUA I bought from my local Superdrug for £4. I'm not usually a pastel kind of girl, I love smokey eyes or neutral with eyeliner type looks so I have shocked myself picking this up. I just thought at £4 if i don't like it its doesn't matter and i can always pass it on to a family member.
From Beauty Chamber I bought the following items
Butter London Nail File £2
China Glaze Nail Polishes in Ginger Glitter and Jet Stream £1.95 each and Raspberry festival £2.95
Palladio Liquid Eyeliner in Lavender £1.50
and a Korres Lip Butters in Pomegranate (non-sale item) £6
I bought the eye liner as a gift for my sister, I am putting together a pamper gift bag for her birthday and this colour is one of her favourites! The nail items, I just had to have, I am a nail junkie after all :)
I added the Korres lip butters to my basket because of all the good reviews I have read. I love lip products and usually have a few (OK, a lot) of lipsticks, balms and glosses in my bag. So another wasn't going to hurt, right?
Have you used any of the products in my haul?
Sarah xx

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Monday, 28 January 2013

I have been nominated for a Liebster Award!

                                                                        Hi Lovelies!

Today I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by the Lovely Ashleigh of go check her out :)
As I am new to blogging, this really made my day :) I dont have many followers, so it was really nice to be nominated for this award for blogs with fewer than 200 followers!
Lets get started, the rules are...
1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Ask 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award.
4. Choose 9 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
5. Go to each blogger's page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
11 facts about myself.
1. I work from home.
2. My favourite film is Just Friends and I only watch it in December :)
3. I married my first love 7yrs ago.
4. I'm 5ft 4ins tall.
5. I have a shopping addiction ;)
6. I cannot put my hand in washing up water once there are crumbs/food bits in it, It freaks me out.
7. I love spending hours looking at Nail Art pics.
8. I love to read (chick lit mainly)
9. I constantly change my hair colour!
10. My Favourite food is Chinese
11. I procastinate too much.
Aswers to my 11 questions
1. Shopping - Online or in store?
Both but mainly online.
2. Weekends - Staying in or going out?
Going Out
3. Exercise - love it of hate it?
I lack any motivation when it comes to sport etc...
4. If you were going into the 'I'm a Celeb' jungle what would be your luxury item?
Ipod Touch to listen/watch a little each day.
5. Who's your style icon?
Leighton Meester
6. If you could have a super power what would it be and why?
Mind Reading. I'm nosey :)
7. What can you not live without?
My Iphone, sad but true.
8. Did you make any New Year's resolutions? If you did what were they?
9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Hopefully with one or two babies :)
10. Which most hyped beauty products have you been most disappointed by?
Maybelline Falsies, Just yuk! Not at all like false lashes.
11. Which drug store beauty product have you been most surprised by?
MUA, great quality for money.
I am nominating
My 11 questions for my nomonies are...
1. Favourite fashion trend?
2. Lipstick or Nail Polish?
3. What was your most used beauty product in 2012?
4. How many times/hours do you go online for each day? 
5. Favourite food?
6. If you coul go back in time and invent any beauty product, what would it be and why?
7.What one scent makes you think of summer when you smell it?
8. What 3 Items are next to you right now?
9. Do you plan your life or are you a take each day as it comes kind of person?
10. Favourite Band/Artist?
11. Finish this sentence- I started my blog...
I look forward to reading your answers!
Sarah xx


Friday, 25 January 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang

Hi :)

Today I am reviewing the new Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in the colour Big Bang.

I really wanted to love this product, as I LOVE the Kate Moss Lipstick range!
So when I saw Rimmel were listing them early, I ordered one off of the Rimmel Facebook page a few days before the official release.

When I opened my parcel and saw the design and how beautiful the colour looked, I was very excited. It's a vibrant high shine red, and when I applied it I was glad there wasn't much on the brush because a little really goes a long way!

I did notice a slight smell and it also smudged and left pink sticky marks around my mouth; I looked like I had just had a very passionate kiss!! :) When I tried to clean it off it took ages and still left me a bit pink looking around the mouth. Obviously not the look I was going for, especially if I accidentally smudged it whilst out shopping or at work etc...

I haven't tried any of the other colours in the Apocalips range so I cannot say that they would do the same. It may just be the fact it is so red that it is more noticeable when you accidentally smudge it. If you do buy this product be very carful not to smudge it unless you can wash your face and re-apply your make up!

Have you tried any of the Apocalips Lip Lacquers?

Sarah xx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick Darling 134

Hello, I hope you are all having a great day/evening?

Today I am reviewing the very popular Gosh Darling Lipstick :) and all I can say is I think this is my favourite lipstick ever! It's a creamy nude lipstick that will definitely be my go to product for the foreseeable future. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to try it. I bought it last September and have only just tried it today! Yes, I am one of those people that constantly buys products and then forget about some of them. In my defense, I have had a thing for Reds the past few months so apart from lip balm I haven't used anything but bold lip colours :)

I didn't find it drying at all and I had to apply again after a couple of hours. It's a Beige Nude colour with a very slight shimmer to it that I only noticed when I swatched it on my arm. It really Is very pretty.

Gosh is available from Superdrug but stock can some times be a problem , I think, due to them not having many in stock at one time and it being so popular, It is also available from eBay which is where I bought mine from. £6.49-£7

What are your favourite nude lipsticks?

Sarah xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

Mani-Monday! Jewel Nail Tutorial


Once again it is snowing where I am. I have to say it looks very pretty. I hope it's not causing you too much disruption where you are, if it has snowed?!

After going through my Nail Polishes, I came across a nail polish by No7 (boots) called Totally Teal that I used once when I bought it early last year, I think. So I decided to use it today and do a mini tutorial. I am going to use it as a base colour and finish with a (hopefully) sparkly jewel effect finish, using Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Bling-Tastic 04.
If you decide to give it a go, any Teal and sparkly Blue/Silver polishes will be fine.

You will need:
A Nail File
A Cuticle Stick
A Base Coat (optional)
A Teal Polish
A Glittery Blue/Silver Polish
And a Top Coat

Firstly, tidy up your nails with a file and push back your cuticles if they need it.

If you have a problem with your nails staining use a base coat first and then apply two coats of the base colour to each finger nail and leave to dry for one minute.
Once you have applied your chosen colour use the glitter polish and lightly dab the brush on the top of the nail from the cuticle down covering about a third of your nail.
If your glitter isn't very thick apply again until you are happy with it. Leave to dry for a couple if minutes and then apply your top coat.

Once you have finished let them dry completely before tidying up the edges if needed.

What is your favourite Blue Nail Polish?

Sarah xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

MUA Nail Constellation Gemini


How are you enjoying the weekend? Mine was spent catching up with family and friends and making Snowmen :)

This is a review of the MUA Nail Constellation in Gemini.

I really enjoyed doing this, it is a very easy trend to do yourself in the comfort of your own home. It has instructions on a little card attached to the neck of the bottle. The beads pour through the narrow top and any overspill can be poured back into the bottle by removing the lid and turning it the other way up to use as a funnel. Amazing design!! All you need to do is pour out some beads into a little dish, then apply a nail polish to your nail and quickly dip your finger nail in the beads or pour over your nail straight from the bottle. Then repeat if applying to all your nails. I chose to do an accent nail with Nail polish on my other nails. Make sure you leave them to dry long enough so that the beads stay in place!

You can buy the Nail Constellations from MUA and Superdrug for £3 each. There are 5 colours available.

What are your thoughts on the MUA Nail Constellations?

Sarah xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

BarryM Ultra Moisturising Lip Paint 156


Today I am reviewing the BarryM Ultra Moisturising Lip Paints in shade 156.

The lipstick itself is a gorgeous dark pinky-purple that apples a beautiful dark pink on the lips. It is very moisturising and lasted about 3 hours before I felt The need to re-apply. I have a few of the BarryM lip paints(black packaging) which can be a bit drying so I was very pleased when I found they do a moisturising lipstick range too. I always find whatever I buy from BarryM to be good quality and value for money and this product doesn't disappoint. For me it ticks all the boxes for what I want/need from a lip product and it is a bargain at £4.49!
In the picture I am just wearing the lipstick, no lip liner or gloss.

You can buy BarryM online and from Superdrug and Boots.

What are your favourite BarryM lipsticks?

Sarah xx

Friday, 18 January 2013

Gosh Shocking Coral Velvet Touch Lipstick


I made a cute little snow puppy this morning! I love the snow and couldn't resist running out into my garden first thing! :)

Today I am reviewing the Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in Shocking Coral. This is a favourite of mine, I am actually on my second and love to wear it any time of the year especially in the Summer. It's a definite holiday make up bag essential!

The lipstick I find quite thick and creamy but at the same time a little drying, so I always add a little w7 kiss me to my lips before applying. It stays on for a few hours before needing to be touched up. I have a pale complexion and this suits my skin tone and I am always complimented when I wear it. It also suits a tan/bronzed skin which is why this is a favourite of mine all year round.
This product is available from Superdrug for £6.49 and also on Ebay.

Let me know what your year round favourite lipstick is :)
Sarah xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ciate Mistress Paint Pots


Second Review of the day, The Ciate Paint Pots!

The Ciate Paint Pots come in the prettiest bottle. Its has curves, a long lid (which makes it easier, in my opinion to apply) and a little black bow!

The Colour Mistress really is a beautiful shade of red,  the polish itself is smooth, not too runny or thick and after two coats the finish is perfect. It has a high shine and silky feel to the touch that kind of makes me want to sit and stroke my nails all day when I wear it! :)   It is a definate favourite of mine and I use it a lot, even for nail art! Even better is that I had it free with a magazine! I will definately be purchasing a few colours to play with in the very near future!
So its great quality, looks beautiful, has a bow and it was free with a magazine. Perfect!

The Temp is going to drop quite low in the next few days in the UK so please dont forget Hand Cream and LipBalm/Chapstick! You dont want dry skin or chapped lips :)

Sarah xx

BarryM Indigo Review


How are you enjoying the snow if you have it where you are? I have to say I love the snow but we dont get much in the Midlands(UK).

Today I am reveiwing the BarryM Indigo NP312 :)

I used this product when testing the MUA Fur-Effect Nails yesterday. Its a beautiful colour, in the bottle it looks more of a Purply-Blue but when applied I think it is more towards Navy Blue than Purple. I am a fan of BarryM Nail Paints, as they are really good quality for how much they cost. You get 10ml for £2.95, it applies really well and you only need two coats for a perfect opaque finish. I dont use a Top Coat as I change my nail colour quite alot and it has a very shiny finish so I dont feel the need to use anything to prolong the wear or add shine. The brush is a decent length so you shouldn't have too much waste once you reach the end of a bottle. I usually find BarryM takes about 2 days to start chipping without a Top Coat (when doing a lot around the house, shopping and busy days) and days when I'm not doing much it can last 3-4. This is perfect for me because as I said I change them so much it really doesnt matter. I also love to paint the tip for a colour block effect rather than remove the whole colour. It saves time and can make them new again in less than 5 minutes.

BarryM is available from
Superdrug and Boots Stores.

Have a great day!

Sarah xx

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

MUA Fur-Effect Nails

Hi :)

I finally tried the new Fur-Effect Nails in Fluffy Bobbin today. It's available online from MUA and Superdrug and some Superdrug Stores.

I found it quite hard to get the powder out but apart from that it was easy to use and apply.

Products Used
BarryM Indigo NP312
No.17 Nail Extras Clear Polish
Fur-Effects Fluffy Bobbin
Nail Art Brush

I applied the BarryM Indigo to my nails leaving one blank. Then with the Clear polish I painted a cross and quickly applied the Fluffy Bobbin powder with a nail art brush. Then I left it to dry a few minutes before blowing the extra powder off the nail.

If I'm honest I don't think I will ever use it on all my nails, only for nail art and fun designs, accent nails etc...
Definitely worth the purchase to add to my collection and a bargain at just £3!

Sarah xx



I will mainly be blogging about nails but also beauty and a bit of day to day stuff. I would love for you to follow my blog and leave links to yours so I can have a nose around :)

I would say I have an addiction for buying nail polish so I shouldn't find it too hard finding something to blog about.

Any recommendations for blogs to follow would be appreciated as I'm fairly new to this :)

Sarah xx