Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

This charity is one I always support because my mum has had Breast Cancer twice. The first time she had a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy and two years of drugs. I was in my early teens and can't really remember much about it as she hid how she felt really well when we were home from school and were around her. It came back 16 years later in the same Breast so she had to have a single mastectomy followed by 6 months of chemo. After a long and tough year for her in Feb this year, she was signed off and given an appointment every 6 months. You never get the all clear with breast cancer, you are always in remission. But getting to go every 6 months and then eventually 12 months meant she was doing well and everyone could breath :) 
In April she started treatment and had an operation for pre-cancerous cells in her womb. She has 5 years before they will give her the sign off for this. This apparently could of been linked to a drug she was put on the first time she was treated. (I'm not saying what it is because it's not proven and I honestly have no idea if it did or not, it's just a "could of been"). 
It is very important to check for lumps or any signs of change in your breasts. You can learn how to check yourself or book in with a nurse if you are unsure. Its important for all woman and especially those with a family history of it. 

October is Awareness month for breast cancer. You may of noticed all the pink ribbon merchandise in shops or noticed the "I like it" statuses on Facebook. Some friends might of changed their cover photo to the pink ribbon logo. These are all started by private message, telling you to show your support. Another way is to paint your little finger nail pink, nail art etc...

I decided on nail art and also using pink as the main colour. I used a BarryM Baby Pink Polish for all but my ring finger which, I painted with BarryM Black. I then painted a ribbon on my little finger using Gosh Flamingo. Once they were dry I added a coat of BarryM Pink Iridescent. 

I love how they turned out and even though black isn't the first colour you would think of for breast cancer nails, I really love it as an accent nail. 

Have you painted your little finger pink?

Sarah xo

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Soap and Glory Dr Spot Clearing Gel - Review

I had a break out on my chin a couple of weeks ago, Yes, I wanted to stay in bed and not face the world until I was sure this flashing beacon of a spot had vamoosed! But that was not possible so I decided I would try out a spot gel or cream instead of hoping it would clear up quickly on its own. After perusing the shelves at boots, reading various product descriptions, I decided to pick up the Soap and Glory Dr Spot. I love Soap and Glory products and thought why not try one of their treatment products too?

Its a 15ml Tube and advises you use a sun protection product, during and after(1 week) using the spot gel because it contains AHAs which can increase photo-sensitivity. They mean sunburn not crying at a dodgy photo of yourself,  a friend just uploaded on facebook!!
So after applying sun cream, I applied a dab of the product to the area and left it to dry before doing my makeup. It felt quite nice on my skin and didn't sting or dry in a crusty layer that your makeup is drawn to like a magnet! I used it twice a day for three days and it was gone leaving only a slight pink looking patch where it was on the 2nd day and this cleared by the 3rd day.

I'm quite happy with this product, I haven't used other brands to compare it to but I doubt I will try another as this worked for me.
You can buy this from Boots here
Sarah xo