Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Soap and Glory Dr Spot Clearing Gel - Review

I had a break out on my chin a couple of weeks ago, Yes, I wanted to stay in bed and not face the world until I was sure this flashing beacon of a spot had vamoosed! But that was not possible so I decided I would try out a spot gel or cream instead of hoping it would clear up quickly on its own. After perusing the shelves at boots, reading various product descriptions, I decided to pick up the Soap and Glory Dr Spot. I love Soap and Glory products and thought why not try one of their treatment products too?

Its a 15ml Tube and advises you use a sun protection product, during and after(1 week) using the spot gel because it contains AHAs which can increase photo-sensitivity. They mean sunburn not crying at a dodgy photo of yourself,  a friend just uploaded on facebook!!
So after applying sun cream, I applied a dab of the product to the area and left it to dry before doing my makeup. It felt quite nice on my skin and didn't sting or dry in a crusty layer that your makeup is drawn to like a magnet! I used it twice a day for three days and it was gone leaving only a slight pink looking patch where it was on the 2nd day and this cleared by the 3rd day.

I'm quite happy with this product, I haven't used other brands to compare it to but I doubt I will try another as this worked for me.
You can buy this from Boots here
Sarah xo

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