Monday, 8 April 2013

BarryM Series - Textured Nail Paint - Ridley Road

Hi Lovelies.

I trust you are well? Finally we have had a bit if sunshine and warmth, after a very cold first 1/4 of the year.

Today's BarryM product is a Green Textured Nail Paint called Ridley Road TNP 4 - 304

This is my favourite of the Textured range. It's a gorgeous pastel green and it reminds me of the bobbly football, spearmint flavoured chewing gum from my childhood. Do you remember them?

This needs two coats for a good application, it dries very quickly and once you get used to the feel, its a gorgeous manicure.

After the Shatter Polishes, Croc, Magnetic, chameleon and now these, I wonder what's next? It seems to be very popular to have some sort of effect or texture on your nails, with most brands releasing something different and new to try each season.

Have you tried these yet?

Sarah xx


  1. Love that colour! Really nice effect too I may try this xx

  2. Lovely colour and effect! I have looked at these debating weather to get it or not but it looks so pretty on your nail

  3. I really like this mint shade! I haven´t tried any polishes with effects, but really wanna try this one ^^ xx

  4. Loving the colour, I'm not sure about the effect though