Monday, 29 April 2013

Simple Shabby Chic Nail Art Tutorial

Hi Beauties
How was your weekend? Mine was lazy mornings, seeing family, going out for dinner and just enjoying the slightly better weather we have been having.

 This is an old nail art look that i did about a year ago. It has always been my favourite out of all the designs i have done. Its very simple to do and only needs a few items to do it.
I used a Pale Pink, a White and a Gold Glitter Polish and to draw on each nail i used a striping brush. Any brand polish and brushes are fine. You will also need a clear top coat to finish and protect your nail art.
First of all apply a coat of a pale pink almost nude colour to each nail. You don't want too strong a colour because its a very simply , chic look and  a Strong colour would over power it (my opinion obviously).
Once that has been on for a couple of minutes, start on your little finger with a fine slightly stiff striping brush(it needs to be stiff because the softer ones can flick up when you apply a little pressure and ruin your lines) using the white polish.
For the little finger, I started at the tip of my nail a 1/4 in and curved up too the top to start a feather, then i drew short lines curving out from the original line to give the feathered look.
For the second nail, I carefully drew a heart,
For the third - the dove, I started from the side drawing the curve of the belly up to the little beak, curved up and across a little for the head then down into a curve and up and across to join the tail. The next finger is a bow, if you cant do a bow neatly with the brush, draw a figure of 8 sideways and two lines from the middle of the 8 down, curving out at the bottom.
Next for the thumb is a birdcage. From the middle of the nail draw a line straight down, then from the top centre draw a slightly curved line to each side of the nail and down to the bottom. Then from the top centre between the middle lines and the outer lines draw a slightly curved line on each side. Finish with two lines across the nail and a circle for the handle at the top. Once you have completed all the steps, get your gold glitter polish and add a bit to make it sparkle and pop. Finish with top coat.
I hope that makes sense and you give it a try. It really is easy and looks so pretty when its finished!
Sarah xx

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