Thursday, 29 August 2013

BarryM Greenberry with Ciate Snow Globe Nails

I hadn't painted my nails for three weeks until the other day. After painting them a couple of times a week, sometimes more, for a long time I thought my nails could benefit from a break. It was hard because I love having painted nails and I'm always buying nail polish that I want to try out. I think I did good lasting three weeks :)

      First Coat of Ciate Snow Globe

    With two coats of Ciate Snow Globe

I used BarryMs' Greenberry first, this is my favourite colour from their Gelly range.  After applying two coats I let them dry for a few minutes before applying a coat of Ciate Snow Globe. I absolutely adore Ciate polishes. Not only are the bottles cute with their little bows but I find the brush easy to grip and apply with. The polishes themselves have never disappointed me! 
I fancied a bit of sparkle which is why I chose Snow Glove to use over the top. It's a Cloudy polish with chunky hologram foil pieces in silver, pink and blue. I had to apply two coats to get a decent layer of the pieces but it dries clear, so it doesn't look too thick or cloud the colour underneath. 
I really love this combo, its perfect for ending the summer before I dig out the more autumnal colours. 

What was your favourite Summer Nail colour/combo? 

Sarah co 

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