Monday, 24 June 2013

Haul - Bomb Cosmetics

Hi Beauties

How are you? The Sun is back, yay!!, I hope I haven't just jinx it and it now rains for the rest of the week! 

Last week I placed an order with Bomb Cosmetics. I saw a tweet from their twitter account saying their free gift deal had one day left and as I had been eyeing up a lot of pretty things I thought I would take advantage of a great deal. 
You had to spend £30 to get a free gift which, I knew I would reach because of all the products I wanted. 

I ordered 8 bath blasters, 1 massage bar and a Tea Cup Candle. 

It arrived in a fairly big pink box with bomb cosmetics printed on the top so I was very happy to see my postman that morning. I just hope he realised it was the delivery that made me grin from ear to ear and not him! ;)

When I opened the box, a beautiful fruity smell and rainbow coloured loose fill greeted me. Very pretty indeed, and I don't know why but I did a little dance and clapped with glee like a little girl at Christmas, when she opens up her first dress up set! I guess it's because everywhere else uses black shredded paper or bubble wrap with the occasional coloured tissue paper? 

My Bomb Cosmetics Parcel.
A Rainbow Surprise!
Anyway, all items arrived intact, the blasters are bigger than I thought which, is even better and the Teacup Candle is too cute and smells delicious. It will sit pretty in my kitchen! I went with the Raspberry Leaf Herbal. It has a tiny heart on the edge of the candle, sat in a White Teacup and Saucer. 
The massage bar I am looking forward to using! It melts to body temperature so you can rub the oils into your body to help with aching muscles and it contains cocoa butter and eucalyptus to soften skin. Sounds heavenly! 

I'm sure you know what the bath blasters are for? 
 What I Bought       
           Close up
    Free Gift
    Inside the free gift box

      Under the top layer
       Close up of free gift box contents.

As you can see the free gift alone is amazing!! Two soaps, two large blasters and a small blaster.
I am really looking forward to using everything and will be posting a review of each item as I use them.
Sarah xo 


  1. Oh wow what an amazing haul! LOVE your new layout, and your photo's... they're amazing! I really love Bomb cosmetics, their products are divine xxx
    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thank you :) My layout drives me mad. I play around but can never get it exactly how I want it! I'm useless at templates and HTML etc...
      and I'm trying to do better posts with more photos now I have more time :)
      The massage bar is amazing! My skin felt so soft, definitely going to try some of their tubs skincare products in the future. Love!!
      Sarah xo