Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mini Haul, Primark and Superdrug

Hey Beauties

I trust you are all well and enjoying this lovely weather we have been having? I had to go to the dentist on Monday for a filling, boo!! and went shopping after to cheer myself up yay!! :) 
I didn't do much shopping as it was late afternoon by the time I got there but did get a few things and thought I would share them with you. 
Monday was a really beautiful day, the sun was shinning and it really makes a difference to people's attitudes. Everyone, well almost everyone smiles for a start! I grabbed myself an iced tea and headed straight for Primark.
My local is not that big, there isn't really much to get excited about and i actually prefer to go to a bigger store about 20+ miles away for a proper shop, where I tend to go a bit cray cray. Anyway, I did pick up a lovely boxy jumper with stripes and a studded neck line for £9. The material is kind of stretchy feeling and its slouchy when on. The sleeve is 3/4 and it feels so comfortable and cool to wear, I love it! Have I ever told you I have a love affair with studs? I make a bee line for anything if I spot a stud from a distance! I also picked up a pair of £1 wayfarer style sunglasses in black and a set of 4 blue nail polishes for £2. I love primark, i love that you can walk out with sunglasses, a jumper and four nail polishes for just over a tenner! 

Next I went to Superdrug because I had seen a few mentions on twitter that MUA had released some new Blush Shades. Whilst I was in there I picked up about 9 or 10 new shape nail polishes and four of the new colour blushes. I also picked up boring everyday things like cotton pads and shower gel. 

I also went into pound land for a nose around a bought a box of nail charms which I didn't take a picture of because I'm forgetful like that!! 

I love quick little shopping trips where you spend less than £30 and come home with lots of new things to try. 

Sarah xo


  1. Oh wowwwww what a haul!!!! I got 9 of the new MUA shades, I'm so excited to try them. I love the Primark polishes too, £2 for 4 is such a bargain! I have the neon polish set :D xxx

    Gemma ♥ |

    1. It's because of your post I thought to look for nail polish in primark :)
      I'm excited to try the MUA polishes too. So many beautiful shades! xx