Friday, 31 May 2013

Maybelline Color Show by Colorama Review

Hey Beauties

Its Friday and the Sun has made an appearance. Yay! I have just dusted off the BBQ for dinner this evening and my sister has text me to invite me to a bbq at hers tomorrow. Thats two BBQs in one weekend and I hope not the only two this Summer! Keep the sun coming please 🙏

I was just popping in to my local Asda on Tuesday evening to pick up one thing. As always I can never just pick up that one thing, pay and leave. No, I have to have a good look around (mainly clothing and healthy and beauty areas). I had seen these Maybelline Color Show polishes on superdrug or Boots website over the weekend. I was sort of window shopping whilst the hubby was watching the Tour of Italy(yawn!). 
I was glad I didn't buy any because they were on offer for £2 each in Asda. Normally priced at £2.99. Whilst I was tempted to pick up every colour they had because of the price, I controlled myself and picked out one Pink colour polish and a Clear Pink Glitter to use as a top coat. 

     One coat without the Sugar Crystals

      One coat with Sugar Crystals On Ring             

The Pink is a lovely Fushia colour called 6 Bubblicious and the Glitter is a sheer shimmery pale pink with very fine silver glitter pieces called 46 Sugar Crystals. It's a smooth finish and looks amazing layered over Bubblicious. The more I look at Sugar Crystals on my nail in natural light, the more I think I can see gold in it too. Whatever is in it it looks pretty :) 

Bubblicious only needed one coat and dried fast. I'm very impressed and will definitely go and pick up some more colours from the range whilst they are £2 each. 

I also think bottles are a much better design to the previous Colorama polishes Maybelline released. They are now cylinder shaped making it easier to hold the lid during application, you get 7ml or product and they come in a whole range of colours. 

I definitely think you should pick one or more up next time you are shopping :) 

Sarah xo