Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Haul Part 2!

Hi Lovelies

I have finally done part two of my haul!

These are items I bought for the home. I am currently redecorating my kitchen and so I bought lots of items for decoration and a few things for around the home(storage solutions).

There are items from Lakelands, eBay , DotCom Gift Shop, DunElm Mill and Next.

Dotcomgiftshop (yes I bought some Christmas items from their sale to keep back, i only wanted the storage tins but as usual bought more!)

Dotcomgiftshop(storage tins) around £7

Lakelands( I bought 10 of these storage baskets in various sizes)

Ebay(I bought 2 for makeup storage)

Lakelands (just a bowl for the sink) £2,99

Ebay(I'm having green and pink in my kitchen, can you tell?)
around £6

Dunelm Mill(Tea-Towels) around £4

Dunelm Mill(creamer Jug for decoration) £2.99

Next(this will be on my kitchen side with whatever tasty treats I have baked on display each week) £25

Next (cute Honey Pot) £6
 Next (chic multiframe) £20



  1. Aww I love the honey pot and tins!!


    1. Hi Teresa
      Can you contact me via simplybeautyandnails@gmail.com
      If you read my latest post you will know why! :)
      Sarah xx

  2. I love the cake tins! They look gorgeous!