Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines Day Nail Art

Hi Lovelies

Its snowing again! I like it but I know a lot of people have had enough now. I hope you all stay safe if you have to go out in it.

I had a play around with some bits and pieces in my nail art stash this morning. I have done a Valentines Hearts, Bows and Roses theme ready for tomorrow.
We don't do anything special, just a Chinese take away, a film and of course, exchanging cheesy gifts you wouldn't look twice at any other time of the year :)
So, even though we don't go out I still love to do my hair and makeup and paint my nails.
Here is a few details and pics of what I come up with.

I used
Essie We're In It Together
White Wah Nail Art Pen
Light Pink Rhinestones(ebay)
White Bow(ebay)
Light Pink Roses(ebay)
Two Tone Pink Hearts(ebay)

I painted my nails with the Essie Polish

and picked a finger to add dots using the Wah Pen( to look like pearls)
Then I added the nail art bow, hearts etc... To the other fingers and thumb.
I got in a right sticky mess at one point because my Wah Pen decided it was going to leak all over my hand!! Apart from that it was easy and quick to do. I hope you like it :)

**Remember when using nail art decorations always use a nail art glue to stick them on with. This will ensure they stay put for longer. They will stick with nail varnish but they will not stay on.**

Will you be doing anything special for Valentines Day?

Sarah xx

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  1. Your nails look so lovely!!

  2. beautiful mani! wow

  3. Cute nail polish colour, I LOVE the nail art!!! It's amazing, very professional!


  4. They look lovely! xx

  5. Thank you :) loved your 25 things about me post by the way!!
    Sarah xx

  6. They look amazing! You're so creative! I'm also a big fan of that Essie polish :)
    Rosy x