Friday, 15 February 2013

Kelly Brook Nail Polish

Hi Lovelies
The Sun is out and its Friday! Yay :)
I decided to paint my nails this morning and went with the Kelly Brook Nail Polish I showed in my Haul Post Part 1. I thought I would do a quick review of it.
I bought this from Newlook, I'm not sure if this is a line she has done with Newlook or if its her own line she sells through Newlook. there are quite a few Face, Eye, Lip and Nail items to choose from, the packaging reminds me of the Topshop Makeup packaging.
The Negatives
When I first opened the bottle I noticed it felt like the lid was threaded(like when a screw looses its thread, so no grip) It was definitely grinding against either the glass neck or maybe a build up of glitter? I don't know, It just felt weird!
 It doesn't smell that great - its a strange smell. Not Strong but not the usual Nail Polish smell either.
No name on the bottle, it was definitely on the cellophane wrap just not on the actual bottle. Which is annoying because I binned the wrapper :) I think its called Ace.
Its quite thick and gloopy.
The Positives
It looks Pretty!
 Only need 2 coats.
Dries quite quickly.
I liked how it looks but the smell and consistency put me off a little. I'm hoping the issue with the lid and bottle grinding is a one off.
Have you used any Kelly Brook Cosmetics?
Have you used any Kelly Brook Cosmetics?

Sarah xx

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  1. Your nails look so nice, despite the negative the colour is lovely x

    1. The colour is very pretty especially when the light hits it :) xx

  2. Lovely colour, I like the mix of glitter colours! Shame about the negatives though


    1. Yes it is a shame because its so pretty. It also started to peel off in strips after I did some washing up! So not too successful with this one :) xx

  3. That's so nice xx

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  4. It really is, shame it doesn't last more than a day though xx