Tuesday, 28 May 2013

30 things about me!

Hey Beauties

I thought I would post about myself and decided on 30 things because that's how old I am :) 

1. I bought my house nearly ten years ago. 

2. My Favourite colour is Pink :)

3. I love Chinese food!

4. I don't have any children. 

5. Ive been married for almost 8 years. 

6. I am a shopaholic!

7. I can't put my hand in washing up water once a few items have been cleaned. It freaks me out feeling all the bits floating around. 

8. I'm left handed. 

9. I make people/restaurants remove the pips from tomatoes if there are any in my order or when eating at family/friends houses. They all think I'm weird :)

10. When I was 8 I ripped my eyelid open and could see out of it whilst it was closed. Yuk!

11. I am addicted to candy crush. 

12. One of my favourite films is Just Friends. 

13. I hated school and so decided to get a job straight away instead of going to College and Uni.  

14. My favourite holiday was going to New York for Christmas and New Year a few years ago. 

15. I haven't learnt to drive yet. 

16. I miss Desperate Housewives!

17. I love listening to the rain. 

18. My favourite singer at the moment is Lana Del Ray. 

19. I suck at applying false eyelashes. 

20. I read a lot. 

21. Painting and drawing relaxes me.

22. I cry at sad moments on tv/film. 

23. I make a gorgeous Victoria sponge :)

24. I mainly blog with the blogger app on my iphone. 

25. Only 3 people in my family and friends know about my blog. 

26. I cannot wait for the 50 shades film, yes it was poorly written but it was a very fun read ;) and I need more Christian Grey in my life!  

27. My favourite drink is a Moscow Mule! 

28. I play with my hair too much when talking. 

29. My husband is my best friend. 

30. I love life :) 

So there are a few things about me. 

If you have done a similar post link your blog in the comments. I love reading things like this because I am extremely nosey :) 

Sarah xo


  1. Loved reading these posts because in nosy to haha


  2. Love this xx

  3. Aww thank god there is someone the same age as me who can't drive! Yeay lol xx

    1. I often get looked at like I'm not human when I say I can't lol xx