Friday, 10 May 2013

Avon Naturals Daily Hair Refresher - Review!

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I bought this from Avon a few months ago and hadn't gotten around to using it until a couple of weeks ago. I like to leave 2 days in between each hair wash, as I don't suffer with greasy hair or particularly dry hair its fine to leave it and even some times 3 days. I also don't tend to use a lot of product on my hair as its usually in a messy bun or left down in a slightly soft waves/tousled look. My hair has a natural wave to it, so I do like to straighten it when going out and only then will i use product to style with or if i curl my hair which, is hardly ever at the moment! So because I can leave my hair 2/3 days in between I occasionally get sucked into buying a refresher spray. Just to freshen it up with a pretty scent on day 2. The scent is Cherry Blossom and its very sweet and girly. I actually suffer headaches with Strong scents, sweet and sickly scents or too many scents mixed in (i avoid lush like the plague and only order online a few at a time!). I have to use this sparingly for that reason because it is very sweet but its so beautiful and my hair smells so good when i use it that I cannot not use it. Its a 150ml bottle so you get quite a lot for a small cost, i think i paid £1.50 but i'm not sure if that was on offer or not! I have to say i am always impressed with Avon's hair care, price and quality of the products!
If you love a pretty, sweet, floral scent I recommend trying this or one similar to freshen up your hair after work or if you leave it a couple of days between washes.
If you have any tips for refreshing your hair, i would love to hear them :)
Sarah xo

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