Tuesday, 28 May 2013

BarryM Nail Series - White and Black Nail Art Pens

Hey Beauties

I trust you are well and had a great bank holiday weekend? 
I had a great long weekend relaxing, shopping, eating out etc... and I managed to get some DIY stuff done around the house too :) 

As you know, I bought a couple of the Nail Art Pens from BarryM when they were first released. I finally got around to trying them out ready for the long weekend and I really like them, they are easy to use and don't apply too thick so it dries quickly. The shape of the nib makes it easy to create designs with thick and thin lines, dots and filling in. 
I decided to have a quick play around and do something different on each finger and I ended up with an Aztec design, heart, dots, an attempt at camo and with just glitter on another. My designs are far from perfect because of drawing off of the top of my head, without a pic for guidance(hence the bad camo job) but I don't think they turned out too badly :) 

Once again BarryM impressed me and I'm happy with my purchase :) 

Have you used the BarryM Nail Pens, if so what did you think? 

Sarah xo


  1. I think these turned out a lot better than I could've done them! I may have to check out these pens, I've dotting tools but I'm woeful at using them, more practice required.

  2. Your nails look really nice! I saw these yesterday and wish I'd picked one up after seeing what you did with them x


    1. Thank you. I'm glad I bought a couple :) x

  3. amazing nail art, I need to practise more so I can do things like this :) x

    1. Thank you. It's really easy with these pens :) x