Friday, 1 March 2013

Illamasqua Speckled Nail Polish in Fragile

Hi Lovelies

I was very busy yesterday trying to get everything ready for a Baby Shower I am throwing this evening-including making the cake! All I need to do is load everything in the car this evening, travel 20 miles, set up and relax :)
I hope you all have a fun weekend!

Illamasqua recently launched their Im'perfection Range featuring Speckled Eyeliner's and Polish, Green(Shoot) Lipgloss and Blusher Duos . The range is all about being comfortable in your own skin, to be proud of your freckles and imperfections. Not only that but it also encourages you to try something different... a Green Lipgloss maybe? Now for most people a Green Lip sounds ridiculous and they wouldn't give it a second thought, but not me! I was a little curious and tempted to try it, I had to talk myself out of buying it because obviously I'm never going to wear it, fighting with myself that It would be stupid to buy it just to try and take a few pictures, right? My sensible side won and I didn't add it to my basket....for now!!
Anyway, one thing I didn't have a problem adding to my basket was this beauty - The Speckled Nail Polish In Fragile. I have needed this in my life since I first saw it in a review by Vivianna.

It's a lovely Blue with two different sized Grey Glitter pieces that give the Speckled effect.
You need two coats to get a good even colour with a decent amount of 'Speckle', The application was fairly easy, It Is a bit gloppy but I found that made it easier to move the glitter around without streaking the application. It dried in a couple of minutes and so far no chips (day 2).
I Love, Love, Love this Polish! I cannot stop staring at it(whilst dreaming of cadburys mini eggs!).
I will definitely be buying another colour or two from the collection :)
(I made a bit of a mess on my cuticles and this was taken before I tidied them up)

Have you tried the Speckled Polishes yet?

Sarah xx


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous!!!! I have wanted this since it came out but the price just abit to high :'(

    1. It is expensive maybe try the Loreal Top Coat? xx

  2. Lovely colour! I love the dark blue sparkle pieces in it


  3. It looks loooovely! Really like the blue colour :)

    I have a new post up on my blog if you want a peek!


  4. Gotta love some mini eggs! Dont be tempted to eat your nails tho lol x x x

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