Wednesday, 16 January 2013

BarryM Indigo Review


How are you enjoying the snow if you have it where you are? I have to say I love the snow but we dont get much in the Midlands(UK).

Today I am reveiwing the BarryM Indigo NP312 :)

I used this product when testing the MUA Fur-Effect Nails yesterday. Its a beautiful colour, in the bottle it looks more of a Purply-Blue but when applied I think it is more towards Navy Blue than Purple. I am a fan of BarryM Nail Paints, as they are really good quality for how much they cost. You get 10ml for £2.95, it applies really well and you only need two coats for a perfect opaque finish. I dont use a Top Coat as I change my nail colour quite alot and it has a very shiny finish so I dont feel the need to use anything to prolong the wear or add shine. The brush is a decent length so you shouldn't have too much waste once you reach the end of a bottle. I usually find BarryM takes about 2 days to start chipping without a Top Coat (when doing a lot around the house, shopping and busy days) and days when I'm not doing much it can last 3-4. This is perfect for me because as I said I change them so much it really doesnt matter. I also love to paint the tip for a colour block effect rather than remove the whole colour. It saves time and can make them new again in less than 5 minutes.

BarryM is available from
Superdrug and Boots Stores.

Have a great day!

Sarah xx

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