Sunday, 20 January 2013

MUA Nail Constellation Gemini


How are you enjoying the weekend? Mine was spent catching up with family and friends and making Snowmen :)

This is a review of the MUA Nail Constellation in Gemini.

I really enjoyed doing this, it is a very easy trend to do yourself in the comfort of your own home. It has instructions on a little card attached to the neck of the bottle. The beads pour through the narrow top and any overspill can be poured back into the bottle by removing the lid and turning it the other way up to use as a funnel. Amazing design!! All you need to do is pour out some beads into a little dish, then apply a nail polish to your nail and quickly dip your finger nail in the beads or pour over your nail straight from the bottle. Then repeat if applying to all your nails. I chose to do an accent nail with Nail polish on my other nails. Make sure you leave them to dry long enough so that the beads stay in place!

You can buy the Nail Constellations from MUA and Superdrug for £3 each. There are 5 colours available.

What are your thoughts on the MUA Nail Constellations?

Sarah xx

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