Monday, 21 January 2013

Mani-Monday! Jewel Nail Tutorial


Once again it is snowing where I am. I have to say it looks very pretty. I hope it's not causing you too much disruption where you are, if it has snowed?!

After going through my Nail Polishes, I came across a nail polish by No7 (boots) called Totally Teal that I used once when I bought it early last year, I think. So I decided to use it today and do a mini tutorial. I am going to use it as a base colour and finish with a (hopefully) sparkly jewel effect finish, using Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Bling-Tastic 04.
If you decide to give it a go, any Teal and sparkly Blue/Silver polishes will be fine.

You will need:
A Nail File
A Cuticle Stick
A Base Coat (optional)
A Teal Polish
A Glittery Blue/Silver Polish
And a Top Coat

Firstly, tidy up your nails with a file and push back your cuticles if they need it.

If you have a problem with your nails staining use a base coat first and then apply two coats of the base colour to each finger nail and leave to dry for one minute.
Once you have applied your chosen colour use the glitter polish and lightly dab the brush on the top of the nail from the cuticle down covering about a third of your nail.
If your glitter isn't very thick apply again until you are happy with it. Leave to dry for a couple if minutes and then apply your top coat.

Once you have finished let them dry completely before tidying up the edges if needed.

What is your favourite Blue Nail Polish?

Sarah xx

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